July 3, 2017

Make It Easy To Give Kids Healthy Snacks

You know how you always say, "Kids! You need something healthy to eat for snacks." Well, now you can cut up their snacks, hopefully organic fruits and vegetables, and place them in this container.  This Fit & Fresh Fruit and Veggie Bowl is just what you need for your kids to come home to from school everyday.

There is no need for them to dive into unhealthy snacks that will not be good for them in the long run. With this fruit and veggie bowl, your kids will finally be able to have those snacks that will lift them up instead of giving them that crashing fast after eating those sweet snacks they have eaten for so long that are not healthy for them at all.

When your kids get home from school or hanging out with friends, let them see you eating something healthy, you know, like setting an example for them, that this is what a real snack is, not that sweet, junk food, that is found in the center aisle of every grocery store.

May 18, 2017

Gobble Up Your Dinner Tonight

So I have had this Gobble ad on my blog for a while now and I finally decided to try the food myself. I went to their website and just loved the dinner options they have ready to be stove top cooked, baked or grilled in no time at all. For my first order, I was able to receive $35.85 off my first box, #dinnersolved.

Now, from what I could see, it looks like their menu changes weekly. For this week, I saw dinners ranging from  Mole Rubbed Chicken Breast with Mexican Style Corn on The Cob & Braised Pinto Beans,  Aloha Ahi Poke Bowl with Seaweed Salad to Summer Vegetable Bucatini. All their meals are kid friendly as well.

Once I clicked on the button, Get Cooking, I was taken to the next page where I entered my email address and zip code. After entering my email and zip code, I was taken to another page that showed me an image of how many people would I be feeding, 2 or 4 and what food do I like, beef, pork, lamb, poultry, fish, shellfish or vegetarian. From this page, I choose the options I wanted for my weekly dinners and moved on to the next page.

On the next page, it shows you the delivery option dates and asks for you delivery information. Going on to the last page, I am shown 12 meals (3 dinner kits for 4 people), what my delivery date would be and the total cost, minus the $35.85.

The meals I choose were none of these though. The meals I thought would be delicious, and I was right, were the Blackened Prime Sirloin Steak, Brown Sugar Crusted King Salmon and Turkey Burger.

When my box arrived, this is what it looked like:

Okay, so this box does come packed with those plastic ice packets to keep the food cold. This is what the food  looked like when I opened my box. It looked delicious. I took the food out right away and stored the meat in my freezer until I was to cook my first meal the next day. The vegetables in the plastic bags, I placed in my refrigerator.

DAY   1 & 2  COMBINED:

After removing these packages from the box, this is what they looked like and I could not wait to make my dinner the next day. I say next day because I already had my dinner. My husband grilled the two sirloin steak pieces and I cooked two pieces of salmon on the stove top with the vegetables. It was easy to unpack the ingredients and all the ingredients are real, no fake food, artificial colors or flavors whatsoever. This is the type of food we all need to be eating, especially if you are a busy family and just want your meals to already be semi prepared for you, with ingredients you will enjoy, ingredients that will put not only a smile on your face, but fill your stomach with foods that are healthy.

From the images below, you can see I am preparing the King Salmon with the vegetables. I did forget to take photos of my husband grilling the steaks, but I did get photos of the steak with baby carrots and mashed potatoes on his plate. The brown sugar rub was delicious and I just 

DAY 3:

For my day three meal, my family ate this delicious turkey burger with brioche bun and green beans. Just like the sirloin steak, my husband grilled the burgers instead of doing the suggested baking in the over at 475 degrees. I did heat up the green beans on the stove top and I added the bread crumbs to my turkey patty only as my husband and girls did not want that added.

On the bottom of my brioche bun, I spread on the balsamic onion jam which was so delicious and such a treat. Along with the turkey burger and balsamic onion jam, I added a slice of smoked chedder cheese, melted and arugula to the top of my burger.

I took photos, like I did above, but I was not able to open them as I sent them to my email for some reason. So, I had to take photos of the Gobble recipe card they sent me and this is exactly what my burger looked like as the final product.

This is a burger I could eat over and over again. Eating already prepared gourmet meals, with ingredients you can see and not guess what it is, has finally made its way to your front door step. Eating out can be tiring sometimes and now there is a better way to eat healthy meals with real ingredients and not have to worry about driving, waiting for a table and adding a tip to the final check.

For your first purchase, Gobble will give you 50% off! Place your first order today and it will appear at your doorstep in no time at all. Gobble is giving you a code to place your order as well. Your code is: SECRET50 so use it today and have healthy meals, ready to prepare in minutes for you and your family.

It it time to Gobble, Gobble at home either alone or with family and friends.

April 13, 2017

Holistic Health for the 21st Century