May 2, 2016

Staying Hydrated Begins with Drinking Water

Hello my friends!

As we head on into the month of May, let's think about something that is probably not on our minds as often as it should be. This would be hydrating our bodies with water.
Yes, water in one of the most important liquids for keeping us healthy on a daily basis. At one time, I thought drinking coffee, which is made with water, would be enough for me to stay hydrated.

Well guess what, I was wrong. Even though coffee is made with water, the water does become diluted and water is no longer going to be useful to keep us hydrated. Oh, don't get me wrong, I love coffee and drink at least two BIG cups a day, then I reheat it several times throughout the day, which I know is not a good for me.

In fact, I have actually made a promise to myself that I would stop drinking coffee once all the coffee bags I have in my home and office are all gone.

As much fun as it is to drink coffee and be seen drinking coffee, it is not good for my health, but far be in from me to waste something I have already purchased. So, I will drink all the coffee I have purchased and then purchase no more. My girls do not like coffee, but they love this vanilla blend at a big name coffee house. So, if you see me going into one, it is for my girls. If anything,  I will get a smoothie as a substitute for coffee.

Alright, back to water and the importance of drinking it daily. The human body thrives off water. Our bodies are made up of 50% to 75% water. This is a lot of water that our bodies, and minds, rely on to keep us running. Look at it this way, in order for our vehicles to work, or stay in motion, they require gasoline at least 3 times a week depending on how you drive.  Same goes for our bodies, the ultimate machine, that requires optimum maintenance.

One thing many of us might not consider, on a daily basis, is fatigue or being tired. If by chance these are symptoms you feel, you can bet it is a lack of water causing such symptoms. Honestly, who would have thought that a lack of drinking water would cause such symptoms throughout the day.

It is amazing how important drinking water everyday is. Without water, our enzymes are not able to produce energy. This would be energy everybody needs to help them wake up, get out of bed, eat a breakfast and get out the door. From the poll I posted titled, "How Many Glasses of Water Do You Drink in a Week?", it looks like drinking water is not a high priority.
How many glasses of water do you drink in a week?

Isn't it interesting how water is taken for granted? Water is a very important fuel we need to stay active and our bodies staying in working order. Indeed, water is the most amazing, and easy way, to remove waste that is causing our bodies to become 'backed up' or constipated, if you will.

Can you image all the toxins that are built up in our bodies for simply not drinking water? Have you ever heard of the 8x8 rule? Yeah, neither have I until this weekend. The 8x8 rule is when you consume 8 glasses of 8 ounces of fresh, pure water, per day.

Although this sounds like a lot of water, just think how your body and mind will feel when they are relieved of the toxins that are building up causing tiredness, pain and unnecessary sickness.

Speaking of fresh, pure water, if at all possible, it is best to drink water that has been filtered and not sitting in a plastic bottle. Plastic bottles contain a chemical called  BPA. This chemical has been in use for over 40 years now if you can imagine. I do not know about you, but I just learned about BPA in the last 8 years. So, I have become leery of purchasing anything in a plastic bottle or container.

Let me digress here, back in college, in the 1990s, I drank water all the time. In fact, I would keep my plastic water bottle, sitting in my car, in the hot sun for who knows how long. Remember, I did not learn about BPA until about 8 years ago, so for all those days at school, while I kept one of my many water bottles sitting in the sun, BPA was seeping into my water even more that it already had been from the water being filled into these water bottles.

There are plastic water bottles on the market that do say they are BPA free. If you see these, like the one I am using in my photo to the right, I would buy one, but please, do not leave it in anywhere in or near the sun, BPA free or not. Now, the best way to drink water would be in a glass cup or glass bottle.

Last month, I purchased three glass bottles for myself and my two girls. These glass water bottles are wrapped in a rubber on the outside so they will not shatter if or when they are dropped. Glass, is my far, the best way to go when drinking anything, especially water.

Water is an excellent way to detox your body. The thing I like to do is add, or diffuse, lemon, lime, ginger and even kiwi or strawberries, in my water. Sadly, this diffuser in my glass water bottle, is plastic, I was not able to find a glass bottle with a glass diffuser. So, as much as I wanted to use all glass, it was not possible. Anyway, with this diffuser, I add my fruit, shake up the water bottle and eventually my water has a hint of fruit flavor.

Now, adding fruit to my water is nothing new to me. While pregnant, I added lemon and lime to my water because as much as I love water, and drink it everyday, drinking water with some natural fruit flavors, is much better.

Last, but not least, drinking water is vital for our daily living friends. Please do not let the fact that water might be 'boring' stop you anymore. Now, you can add hints of real fruit flavor to your water and do all you can to drink water doing the 8x8 rule to stay hydrated and quite possibly, reverse illness.

Aside from using real fruit, I also add various essential oils like Peppermint, Clove, Lavender and On Guard to my water