September 19, 2016

Have you ever wondered what Aromatherapy is?

Have you ever wondered what Aromatherapy is? Aromatherapy can be considered an alternative medicine. This alternative medicine, essential oils, can and is used in a positive way in an individuals bodily and mental health.

Did you know that the human sense of smell is ten thousand times more powerful than our other senses? This means that when you inhale an essential oil for, let's say, brain health, it instantly goes to the brain instead of having to break down like a pill.
When an essential oil is sent to the brain, it directly goes to the olfactory nerve cells inside the nasal passage and into the larger olfactory system. The olfactory bulb them delivers that essential oil to the brains limbic system. The limbic system works as a 'seat' of emotions and the originator of our emotional behavior on a daily basis.

Our limbic system is something to marvel. Regardless of which essential oils you inhale, you may feel a rapid release of mental strain or negative emotions. These essential oils will also release muscle tension at the same time. I did not know this, but the pituitary gland and hypothalamus is connected to the limbic system. This means our hormones are being affected by the essential oils we use daily. These essential oils affect our nervous system, appetite, body temperature, concentration and stress levels.

The essential oil I use everyday is Frankincense. Frankincense has been used for centuries, going back to the bible. In fact, Frankincense is called "The King of Oils". Frankincense has it's origins in Europe, India and North Africa. Frankincense is the oil I use for anti-inflammatory issues and as in antioxidant, antiseptic and much more. Frankincense can be used internally and externally. In fact, this is how I use it.

I either take two drops under my tongue, add two drops to veggie caps or add 10-12 drops to a rollerball bottle with other oils I use to make my own blend for auto immune issues.

In conclusion, aromatherapy is something to take seriously as we all know how certain scents work in our body and how these scents can lift of up, bring back memories and work in our body and mind is ways we had never thought about for our health.

September 1, 2016

Did Somebody say 'Flu Season'?

Ah yes, just as the 'flu season' is right around the corner, so to are the days for colds and fevers. Have no fear my friends and family. Our health can still remain strong in these cold, winter months.

Yes, you guess it, I have an oil blend for that too.
Contact me to let me know what you need, or are out of.
I will send you a list of my oil blends..
We can stay healthy, through all seasons...

Stay On Guard today friends and family. Do not let these 'season of sickness' get you down. In fact, do not even see these as a 'season of sickness'. Instead, see this as your Season of Wellness.