April 23, 2016

Staying Healthy Begins With You

Hello friends!

Thank you for finding my blog, Naturally Keeping You Healthy.  My goal in creating this blog is to share with you what I am doing to stay healthy whether I eat in or eat out. Not only do I want to share how I am staying healthy, I want to help you reach your goals of naturally keeping you healthy.

These days, with all the fast food restaurants found in the city you live in, it is easy to come home from work and have no energy to make a home cooked meal. Look, I get it, after coming home from a long day at work, or not, the last thing an individual or family want to do is create a home cooked meal that might take 10-15 minutes for prep and 30 minutes to an hour to make.

So, on the off-chance making a home cooked meal seven days a week does not work out for you, let me suggest ways to eat on the healthier side when eating out. Eating out might be at a fast food or nice sit down restaurant. For the most part, when deciding on where to eat, I am guessing you already know what type of foods, i.e. nationality, beef, vegetables or desserts, will be served.

With this out of the way, when looking to take charge of your health, even though it is tempting, not say no to these foods down the road, that will cause more harm than good to your overall being. Temptations are all around us, believe me, it is not easy to find good foods to eat, especially foods with carbs like bread, chips and pasta. These types of foods are, in a way, comfort foods, and are easy to sink your teeth into and fill your stomach and soul with.

As easy as this is to do while eating out, when offered side dishes, or appetizers, ask for fruit or a small salad with a dressing that does not have fillers. Yes, it is true, salad dressing are made with fillers such as Canola Oil and/or Soybean Oil, Xanthan Gum or Food Starch, MSG, Fat-free, Polysorbate 60, Natural & Artificial Favors and the list goes on.

Just when you think you are eating healthy, it is time to think twice before ever ordering that salad dressing you grew up loving and pouring over your salad. That once delicious salad dressing  just might contain the above ingredients which will only slow down your desire to live a healthier life.

If your favorite salad dressing contains this many unhealthy ingredients, just think about what the main meal might include in it. True, there are a lot of sit down chain restaurants today that have a "healthy choices" section, but just how healthy are these choices? Even if you ask the waiter, it is highly unlikely they really know what all the ingredients are in the meal you want to purchase.

Oh my, on your way to eating healthier certainly sounds complicated...but it does not have to be. If you are still thinking about eating out at a sit down restaurant or go through a drive thru, if you do not see a more healthier dish and you know it would be wrong to make that purchase, it is time to leave said restaurant, go to your local grocery store and taking baby steps, purchase vegetables you already like, a beef product you like, hopefully organic, take home and make that home cooked meal.

 Time and money will always play a role in what you want to eat everyday. Making a meal, at home, in under an hour is attainable and eating under $20 at home using foods you actually choose at your local farmer's market or grocery store, even makes the meal more real to you as there is no one standing behind a counter slapping a 'meal' together with gosh only knows what ingredients that were not meant for human consumption.

Indeed, now is time to think before we eat out because our health depends on it as time presses on.

Have a blessed day!


P.S. taking the right supplements will boost your efforts at regaining your health.

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  1. Thank you for sharing this information...it gives me hope that I'm on the right road back to health.